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    I am a baby and child sleep consultant, based in Hampshire, working with tired families around the UK to create bespoke sleep solutions.

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success stories

  • I honestly think this is the best money we have ever spent! Our baby is nearly 9 months old and, after a couple of months of initially sleeping quite well, things had deteriorated to the extent that she was not napping during the day at all and waking up to 7 or 8 times a night (and then sometimes refusing to go back to sleep for hours). We were both completely broken from the lack of sleep. Beverley turned everything around in just 3 or 4 days. I just didn’t think we could have a baby that was sleeping through the night in less than a week. It’s no exaggeration to say that our lives have been transformed and we are all much happier and healthier. Thank you!

    Isabelle, Simon and Ellie (9 months)

  • We enlisted Beverley’s help for our 2.5yr old whose bedtime was becoming very challenging as she needed one of us next to her bed to fall asleep. Beverley set out a clear programme and talked us through every step, we saw improvements after a couple of nights and by the end of the programme our daughter was going to bed with no issues and falling asleep on her own. Thank you so much for helping our daughter master bedtime and for us getting our evenings back, it has much such a difference for us!

    Karen, Dave and Isabelle (2.5)

  • We were stuck in a cycle of co-sleeping (or not sleeping!) and long drives to try and get some rest for our little one, but now at 4.5 months he is sleeping in his own bed all night and for several naps in the day. The programme was very straightforward and easy to follow, and we saw a huge improvement from the first night. My husband and I have suddenly got time alone together including our evenings! Our baby is noticeably happier and more alert during the day as well so it really feels like Beverley has helped us make the most positive change for all of us, and we can now just enjoy the wonderful things about being parents!

    Hannah, Steve and River (4.5 months)

  • I would highly recommend Star Sleepers, I was really struggling to get my baby Barney to sleep at night. Within a week he was managing to self settle and now I can put him to bed without any protesting and I have got my evenings back!

    The help and support I received from Beverley was amazing, she gave me the confidence to stick to his sleep plan and I can’t believe that Barney has gone from waking up every few hours to practically sleeping through! If you’re lost and don’t know how you’re ever going to get your baby to sleep without a crutch, get in touch, it will be the best decision you ever make!

    I finally feel like I’m back to my old self! Thank you so much Star Sleepers!

    Esther and Barney (4.5 months)

  • We are so excited that our five month old is sleeping through the night and putting herself to sleep. We were blessed with a great sleeper until about three months of age and then she began to wake up three to four times a night. It was exhausting for us. On top of that it took us at least an hour to put her to sleep. After ONE week on your plan our daughter is now sleeping eleven to twelve hours a night, taking three good naps and best of all, putting herself to sleep. My husband and I are able to enjoy our evenings again and I have renewed energy during the day. Best of all, our daughter is sleeping well, is happy and healthy during the days and I have the energy to play with her.

    Mummy and Daddy of Grace (5 months)

  • I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us to get our children to sleep through the night! We all seem to be much happier probably due to the fact that we aren’t exhausted all the time anymore! Thanks to you both of our children sleep 11 peaceful hours a night! The children are also LOVING the night time routine. They now know what to expect and it has helped so much! My husband and I can now enjoy our time together at night without having to go into the children’s rooms every hour! I can’t thank you enough for all your help! I will recommend you to every parent I know!

    Sally, Tom, Eden and Grace (3 and 5)

  • Beverley was excellent for us and we now have a little girl that sleeps through the night in her cot in her own room without too much fuss getting her down which is amazing. We sought Beverley’s help because our 11 month old was great at sleeping through the night but only when sleeping in her Snuzpod2 attached to our bed which particularly became a problem when she had started to stand and those cribs are only designed for up to 6 month olds. For some reason she hated her own room and her cot and would scream (even for up to two hours) until we removed her from the cot. Now she’s fantastic even though I was skeptical and cautious to start with because we had tried everything we could think of before. Even the first night she went down fine and didn’t even need a dummy. Following the plan that Beverley set up for us meant within two weeks our little girl was able to go to sleep on her own and sleep through the night in her own room. The catch up phone calls were great and reassuring that we were doing things right and gave us the confidence to continue. I am amazed and so grateful for Beverley’s help and advice. It was so worth it. I recommend Beverley to anyone who is struggling to get their little one to sleep.

    Vicky, Phil and Matilda (11 months)

  • We were stuck in a rut rocking our 4 month old from 7pm every evening for hours on end and then spent all night seeing to him waking up. Beverley has given us back our evenings and our sanity and little one is so much more content having a good night’s sleep. Worth every penny and I would highly recommend to others.

    Emma, Danny and Finley (4 months)

  • Working with Star Sleepers has literally changed our lives. Before we started Jesse was a fractious 10 month old who was constantly exhausted and waking up at the end of every sleep cycle. We couldn’t see how any of us were going to sleep again. But a friend recommended Beverley and we haven’t looked back. Jesse took to the programme really quickly and was sleeping through in a few days, he is so much happier as a result of restful sleep, and so are we!

    Laura, Ross and Jesse (10.5 months)

  • After slipping into bad habits over a series of months we found ourselves in a dire situation…….nobody seemed to be getting any sleep! With a new baby in the house and my husband having to sleep on the floor next to our toddler’s bed, something had to change! After enlisting Beverley’s help and coming up with a thorough plan, which we stuck religiously to, we reversed the situation. After 2 weeks we now have our happy toddler back. He now goes happily to bed and stays there all night! We literally cannot recommend Beverley enough, she’s given us back the power of sleep which has made for a happier and calmer household! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Helen, Tom and Edward (3)

  • I cannot thank you enough for fixing my baby. I was a sleep deprived zombie and needed help. You were beyond lovely and supportive and your amazing programme meant that he slept through from the very first night. He now naps in his cot during the day and sleeps all night. I honestly cannot thank you enough!

    Susie, Rich and George (12 months)

  • Getting our sleep back is the best thing that has happened to us this year! It’s great to be able to put our son to bed without spending the whole evening trying to get him to sleep. It was great having Beverley alongside us to provide support and to answer all our questions. She was always very encouraging and helped us to have faith in the plan.

    Thea, Geir and and Edvard (11 months)

  • I was apprehensive about calling Beverley but I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My son now goes to bed happily every night with no bedtime battles! Amazing! I can highly recommend Beverley. I now have my life back.

    Gemma and Harry (18 months)

  • Beverley helped us so much with our little boy’s sleep. She was great to talk to straight away and had really practical suggestions which made sense to me.  I felt so reassured talking to her and listening to her advice, and she was also really able to relate to our experience having had children herself.  I would recommend Beverley whole heartedly – thank you so much!!

    Sue, David and Alistair (6 months)

Sleep Consultant Hampshire

I am a baby and child sleep consultant, based in Hampshire, working with tired parents around the UK to help everybody get a good night’s sleep.

Contact me to arrange a free 15 minute no obligation chat to discuss your current sleep issues. I look forward to speaking with you about your specific situation so that we can come up with ideas for a solution!

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